May, 2018




Welcome Screen

RUNDAMENTAL Mobile App is communicating with RUNDAMENTAL WordPress Web Site.
It shows User Name on Welcome Screen.

Sessions Screen

RUNDAMENTAL Sessions communicating with RUNDAMENTAL Web Site with Json Web Service.

Session Details

It shows where Session will be start and other users that are joining this session. Also user can join by pressing the Join button. Also user can share Session information on his/her social media by pressing the Share button.


Pandify is an image production module. User can select his/her photo on device and add some badges on it then share it.

Leaderboard Screen

Who joins the most session on this month? Users can see this information on Leaderboard screen.

Profile Screen

User can see his/her profile and his/her badges on profile screen. Also he/she can share his/her badges on Badge detail screen.

No Internet Connection Screen

If device has no internet connection. This screen will appear.

Used NPM Packages

  • expo
  • moment
  • react
  • react-native
  • react-native-check-app-install
  • react-native-device-info
  • react-native-dialog
  • react-native-easy-gestures
  • react-native-elements
  • react-native-fast-image
  • react-native-gestures
  • react-native-image-crop-picker
  • react-native-maps
  • react-native-open-map
  • react-native-snap-carousel
  • react-native-store-photos-album
  • react-native-vector-icons
  • react-native-view-shot
  • react-navigation